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Business, Life, and Relationship coaching for individuals is one of 4UUnltd’s unique offerings.

We work with each client to create a tailored approach that encourages each person to review past experiences; to acknowledge current commitments/needs; and to identify future goals. The coach and client cooperatively generate an action plan that empowers the client to shift focus for maximizing inherent potential. Through weekly meetings, the coach supports personal reinvention to achieve a reality that incorporates the client’s best self and allows for maximum individual growth.


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Relationship coaching is a powerful tool to help couples move their union from stagnation or breakdown into a viable future.  4UUnltd believes that every relationship should be given the full chance to be successful. In the rare case that the best interest for both people is to dissolve the relationship, the coach will assist the process and ensure both people are left nurtured and supported. 

Couples often realize they need a neutral third party to support them in building a long-lasting partnership. The 4UUnltd coach works compassionately with both the couple and each individual partner to identify the stumbling blocks and challenges that naturally occur in relationships. The coach provides perspective and guides the couple to articulate the life and relationship they want and has them fulfill it. Couples learn to improve communication and to deepen intimacy levels. The coach supports each partner in being accountable for the progress and fulfillment of a lasting partnership.  As a result, many couples find themselves falling deeply in love once again.

Consulting 4U

Consulting 4U adapts the individual and couples coaching concepts into an empowerment tool for your business. The coach works with you to evaluate your business goals and needs and create a unique path designed to increase individual productivity which will ultimately produce additional revenue.This is merely a sample of a few of the methods the coach may use with your company:

  • Organizational planning
  • Management development
  • Team building 
  • Individual empowerment
  • Vision creation and fulfillment
  • Talent recognition and acquisition
  • Collaboration
  • Accountability 

Investing your resources in Consulting 4U is an effective, insightful choice for reinventing your business practices and for having your business producing breakthrough results.

Dena Skoko - Owner/Coach

Dena began participating in Leadership and transformational programs in 1990. Dena discovered that her passion lay in understanding the dynamics of relationships. While studying and supporting other people, she delved into the dynamics of her own intimate relationships. Dena’s personal journey combined with her decades of experience helping people, couples, and businesses grow led her to establish 4UUnltd in July 2016. Dena’s coaching style combines her capacity for empathy; powerful listening skills; and intuitive ability to connect with people. She engages each client in a symbiotic relationship grounded in faith, trust, hope and what IS. Dena’s expanding interests and clientele have encouraged her to align with additional talented coaches to maintain the highest standards of integrity for supporting clients.

Kimberly Honrado - Coach

Kimberly earned a B.A. in Psychology from the University of California-Santa Cruz and has spent more than 20 years working in and training others in sales, marketing, and management. She is a leadership, mindset, and performance coach whose clients include college athletes, business owners, professionals, and CEOs. Kimberly excels in servant leadership that honors each person’s individual journey and choices. Coaching is her passion and her medium for impacting lasting change in the world.

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Results-oriented coaches are not licensed healing practitioners. Some medical conditions require doctor's referral.

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